About Us

Since we started way back in 1992, These two decades we have been working hard to provide best Quality Instruments at very competitive prices to our esteemed customers. This consistent hard work helped us to develop links all over the world. Vivistar International ensures that each and every instrument being produced at “Vivistar International” is crafted to its perfection.

Our Quality Control Department keep a close look at each and every stage of manufacturing. During these two decades of hard-work and dedication we achieved great recognition in the field of Manicure Instruments & Scissors. Now our young educated & professional generation have joined us and we wish them “Best Of Luck”.


To be a valued brand name associated with the Manufacturing of Quality Products. And to be recognized as a reliable global institute with strong logistics and intricate customer relationships.


To continuously develop our technical expertise on the basis of technology, customer feedback, and quality workforce. To form strategic joint ventures within the industry, and to fulfill our social, ethical, and industrial obligations in the most effective manner.


A) Sourcing of quality raw materials.

B) Completely in-house production processes.

C) Experienced and technically qualified workforce.

D) Use of latest manufacturing technologies and machinery.

E) Implementation of management technologies (like ERP) and hands-on problem-solving methodologies.

F) Compliance of strict technical and regulatory standards.

G) A sense of morality, honesty, and hard work in all our dealings.

Production Procedures

3D Designing

We use AutoCAD & SolidWorks for designing our parts and assemblies.


Our Forging unit consists of complete set of machinery required for manufacturing a huge range of instruments from our catalog.


Getting the right softness of forging is necessary for producing quality machined parts. 

Shot Blasting

To ensure the proper post forging surface.


Complete range of conventional and CNC lathes, machining centers, wire cuts, EDMs, drills and more.

Heat Treatment

We have multiple vacuum furnaces to ensure the optimum hardness for each instrument.


Manual and semi-automatic process to ensure proper fitting of the instrument assemblies.

Surface Finishing

Various sub processes including grinding, polishing, vibratory finishing and more. 

Bead Blasting

Glass bead blasting is done to ensure surface finishing compliance for customers. 

Cleaning & Passivization

Parametric controlled ultrasonic and passivization systems.

Electro Plating

Gold Plating is done using 100% pure materials to ensure identification and long lasting surface finish.

Electro Polishing

This ensures deep cleaning of small and microscopic surfaces.

Laser Marking

3d data matrix UDI compliant laser etching and marking systems.


Laser, Argon, Spot and Induction Welding systems are used throughout production.

Injection Molding

We mold our own plastic parts using in-house molding machines.

Powder Coating

High quality powder coating systems are using to ensure required thickness and quality.

Screw Making

we make our own screws, rivets and fixtures for instruments.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Numerous inspection and quality control measures are used throughout production process to ensure minimum variation. 


We offer 3 huge EO Sterilization Chambers.

Clean Room

Our ISO Class 7 clean Room is perfect for packing any sort of instrument for EO.

Kit Packing

We offer blister, kit and pouch packing that is perfect for packing and sterilization in our in-house facility.