In-House Production

All VIVISTAR INTERNATIONAL’s Instruments production departments are well equipped with the latest, machinery imported from Germany, Japan, Korea, USA and England, and well staffed with the expert technicians trained from our strategic joint venture network.

Our Departments:

  • Raw Material Department
  • Forging Department
  • Press Shop Department
  • Sparking Vision Dye Making Department
  • Milling Department
  • Organ Welding Department
  • Filing Department
  • Heat Treatment Department
  • Polishing & Grinding Department
  • Instruments setting Department
  • Boil Test & Passivization Department
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Department
  • Sandblasting Department
  • T.C Tungsten Carbide Department
  • Electro Polishing Department
  • Diamond Dusted Jaws (DDJ) Department
  • Identification Color Coating
  • Etching
  • Packing Department
  • Electricity Backup
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